Porta Pumper is the leading portable toilet operator in Singapore. We provide the most advanced mobile sanitation facilities and the highest servicing standards to our customers at competitive prices, while pursuing our goal of raising the level of awareness in the areas of proper sanitation and environmental controls, without sacrificing our social obligation as a model corporate citizen.
Porta Pumper Pte Ltd is incorporated in May 1997. We are Singapore’s largest Portable Toilet Operator with a current strength of more than 3000 portable toilets. We believe in providing a K.I.S.S service - Keep it simple systematically.
K.I.S.S Service
We pursue our goal to raise the level of awareness in the areas of proper sanitation and environmental controls. We provide personalised service to cater for the best customer experience. Quality is our rule, not the exception. All routes are checked by full time quality control executives who would ensure services are properly executed. The quality of our service never goes unmeasured. Prompt and reliable service is guaranteed. We are available 24/7 to answer all enquires and be the solution for your needs.
Porta Pumper Portable Toilets
Who We Are and What We Do to Earn the Privilege of
Doing Business With You.
Locally owned and operated by people who care, our staff are people who have been in the service business their entire careers. Every person calling Porta Pumper gets special treatment - personalised service - nothing but the best in customer service, all for you.

Guaranteed service
Prompt, reliable service is guaranteed. A 24-hour maximum response time is the rule. Plus, you can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rental is based on Price/ Service/ Relationship. When you hear our Prices, experience our Service, and build the Relationship - you'll come back to Porta Pumper over and over again for our K.I.S.S. service.